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Ahhh, so today marks an ending of sorts for me. The baby kicking bag is finally finished. Finite! And although this project served me well, in an easy mindless knitting sorta way, I am ready to tackle something a little bit more brain stretching. I’m sure this hand knit will be much cuter with a baby inside it, but there’s still a few more months before that will happen.

When I was pregnant with Lake I knit the two kicking bags on the left. The versatility of them is what made me truly fall in love with them. So simple and perfect for those first few weeks where you go no where and do nothing but sit and stare at your baby. Easy on and off for diaper changes…keeping those little legs and feet all snug and warm the whole day through. Love them.

As far as reading goes, I have started the Little House Series, starting with Little House in the Big Woods, again with Bella. I know everyone says the same thing, but I love reading them each time as much, if not more, than the last. I feel like Laura was my grandmother telling me her stories. Although as much as I love them all, i think I love The Big Woods a little bit more…something about it coming through the eyes of a very young girl…so much goodness and wonder…and trust in the world. For more yarn goodness, hop on over to Ginny’s blog. Happy Yarn Along!


  1. mary beth says:

    Coincidentally i picked up the same book at the library today, i have been meaning to since we moved to our farm :)

  2. Love those little baby kicking bags. I wish i had known about them when mine were little, well i suppose if we are ever blessed with #4 I will be making a good few to use.Simple and comfortable is good in the early days:)

  3. These are so awesome, it a baby #2 ever chooses to join us you can bet I will be knitting up a few of these.

  4. Love your knitted kicking bag. Oh how I wish I had learned to knit before having children. I missed getting to knit for my own babies. But I am teaching all my girls and someday I’ll be a knitting grammy. And I agree with your take on Little House in the Big Woods. Love!

  5. what a lovely idea! We have been considering another baby if we go for it, crocheted kicking bags will be the perfect project…love them :)

  6. beautiful kicking bag! i must have started reading your blog too late though to realize there would soon be a new baby to fill it… many congratulations!! :) and i definitely agree with little house in the big woods- my oldest and i are reading the last chapter tonight and i’m so sad to be done. it’s definitely my favorite!

  7. I never used a knitting bag with my kids because I didn’t know about them! Otherwise I would have! I kind of go back between knitting something more challenging and then going back to a few wash cloths. : )

  8. Those are so sweet! I hope you’ll post pictures again when there is a baby inside them. :) I agree with your assessment of Little House in the Big Woods. It’s my favorite too!

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