in gratitude (1)
into the woods (2)
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in gratitude (1)
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in gratitude (1)

in gratitude

in gratitude (1)…for wild edible goodness (ramps, otherwise known as wild leeks) hidden deep in the forest.

…for the chance I get to enjoy and cherish everything that crosses my path.

in gratitude (2)…for these kids, who are pretty much impossible to get all in one photo that looks okay, but I tried… just for my grandma.

…for laser tag birthday parties and gluten free cupcakes.

in gratitude (3)…for knowing that wherever I live, my house will always be filled with household projects and renovations of various shapes and sizes.

…for my husband, who can pretty much build and fix anything.

in gratitude (4)…for remnants of my children’s play.

…for the abundance of time we have been spending out of doors this past week.

in gratitude (5)…for our cats, who know and love the time of year when they too can be outside more then in.

…for the walk around the field I took at dusk last night with our dog, and two cats following at my heels… breathing in the fresh spring breeze… filling my heart full.

a walk in the woods

I can’t really believe that I have lived here for a year and not set foot on this path…the path that goes literally right out our back door and into and around the deep magical forest. Earlier this week, just Sorrel and I had an afternoon to ourselves. We ventured around the yard, and then the woods must have called, because Sorrel just headed off, pulling me along with him. We ventured off together and explored the forest around us.

into the woods (1)Then there was yesterday, when the boys had plans that needed to be adjusted, which only resulted in some sourly disappointed children. There was moping, some tears, and a lot of demands for time on the computer since apparently there was now nothing to do. But, I hung tight. I let them be all grumpy for a bit and stomp around. I didn’t offer them any quick fixes to their new found “boredom”. I couldn’t fix the issues, so I let it be and let them feel their frustrations out, continuing on with what I wanted to get accomplished.

into the woods (2)into the woods (3)into the woods (4)into the woods (5)I vacuumed the house and got a couple of things that I wanted to get done taken care of, and then those woods must have called again. So I ushered the three younger ones out the door…and into the woods with me. Something I plan on doing quite often with them now that I found the trail. When there is an abundance of trail to walk, rocks to climb, branches to snap right out the door like this…there can never truly be boredom. I think my kids know that, but I like to remind them from time to time. We all need reminders.

into the woods (6)into the woods (7)into the woods (8)into the woods (9)We were not more than fifty feet out the door before their moods magically shifted. They became their naturally adventurous selves once again. They were climbing, jumping, and being friends… ones who donned smiles on their faces. Hawthorn and Lake went on ahead, while Sorrel and I took up the rear with Indigo. We noticed everything. The crunching leaves beneath our feet, the branches across our path, and the stone walls along the trail. We found vibrant green bits of spring emerging from the soil. A lovely reminder that spring is really here. A lovely reminder that peace can be found in nature.

into the woods (10) into the woods (11) into the woods (12) into the woods (13) into the woods (14)Our busy world offers little silence, but in nature we can truly feel alive. It’s a nice feeling. I don’t ever want to be too busy for that. Just taking the time to enjoy what is around us is so important. I hope my children remember how helpful it can be to just go take a walk in the woods. It’s an opportunity to connect with life…and what is important.

Climb the mountains
and get their good tidings.
Nature’s peace will flow into you
as sunshine flows into the trees.
~John Muir